Constitutional Craziness: A Book Review of Allan Lichtman’s ‘The Case for Impeachment’

The Roper Report

By Karl Radl

From The Purity Spiral

The author of ‘The Case for Impeachment’ Allan Lichtman – who surprise surprise is jewish – is one of those academics that you don’t know exist until they produce something of use to the political establishment. In his latest book ‘The Case for Impeachment’ – published in April 2017 by Harper Collins with the unstated sub-text ‘of Donald Trump’ – Lichtman engages in what I can only describe as intellectual fraud.

The book itself purports to be a piece of non-partisan scholarship that is aligned with Lichtman’s ‘Keys’ system whereby he explicitly claims that he has successfully predicted the outcome of every US Presidential election since 1984. The problem with that statement – as with much of the statements of alleged fact contained within ‘The Case for Impeachment’ – is that it simply isn’t true.

Since Lichtman predicted that Al Gore would win…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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