SIGINT Freeware


spaceSigint4_2Courtesy of a reader and RTO Course alum, one signals intelligence software resource called SORCERER. It’s been around for a minute and the original freeware was plagued with backdoor malware, but courtesy of the website in the link, this version is safe to use. The program is interesting even if it does play havoc on the processor speed of older laptops. Since its a .exe program, if you’re running a linux distro (you are, right?) you’ll need Wine to run it.

alinco2Another good one to have on hand is SIGMIRA. Its similar but more laptop friendly and is safe to use. Both are a good resource for use with any RTL-SDR hardware or even Alinco’s DJ-X11T with the supported data cable. Running the whole setup from a used netbook equipped with this software and a Linux OS (all of which can be found in the…

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