Stockman: How The Vlad and Donald Show Got Gaskets Popping All Over the Imperial City

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More reality:

1) FUSA is insolvent, in that the USG spends very much more each year than it collects, even with record-high collections. It stays in business by its printing press and a rapidly-expanding debt heap.

2) The USN is badly run, trained, and equipped. Given that the Navy is one of the primary tools of imperial power-projection, the Empire thus is known to be incapable of sustained force projection against even a near-peer.

3) FUSA’s land forces (Army and Marines) are patently insufficient to honor all of the global treaty obligations potentially imposed on them by the USG, even without the impact of enemy attacks on their technical infrastructure (e.g., comms, navigation) that would certainly be used by foes more sophisticated than the Taliban or ISIS.

4) NATO is a talkshop/employment project for mediocre bureaucrats, not a credible military organization. It should be disbanded asap and replaced with…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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