As I was walking beside the bank of the pond I noticed a sign of great preeminence. It was a sign to inform the public about NOT feeding the ducks. It stated that if the non-native/migrating duck population is regularly fed it will encourage them to stay. When there are too many “ducks”😉🤭 for the arboretum habit to support, they are vulnerable to epidemics of disease, which can spread to the predominant, supreme indigenous populations and can kill thousands of birds. Feeding the “ducks” does not make them healthier and it has led to a serious overpopulation, disrupting the natural habitat. Also prevents them from properly gathering their own food, and makes them reliant on HAND OUTS. This results in long term degradation of the habitat. As well as causes overcrowding and aggression. Feeding also attracts rats, which has been a serious and dangerous dilemma. More results are an inhabitable habitat, destruction of natural terrain(which is substantially needed for the survival of the population), and results in sanitation issues from the encouraged outlandish, degenerate overpopulation.
🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ Why can’t this natural, tribal, instinctual practice be integrated into human modern society. Oh that’s right, if the treasonous, dishonorable infiltrators are not overthrown it will simply NEVER happen. It’s the same concept, go to any lengths to preserve and secure our people. The descendants of the conquerors and creators of the foundation of the once Great United States.
The country of the modernist United States remains a great knee-slapper to the outside world.
Anti identitarians will say, “You can be pro White in a multicultural society.” Yeah right. Who’s the one group who can’t have anything of their own or show any sort of pride in our all-inclusive super diverse society? White people. If you support liberty as American patriots claim it includes the right to associate or disassociate. If forcing people apart is wrong, how is forcing them together moral? Well, the anti White divides and forces White people apart all the time through mass non-European immigration. Diversity quotas, lies about White privilege and how we owe everyone everything. Leftists cry about not tearing people apart, but when Europeans want to remain together as a group? Call in the armed Bolshevik guards of the rainbow nation and shut it down. So who can be pro-European? Anyone. Yes, you don’t have to be White. There are many non-Whites across the world who like White people, who support the right of White people to exist in countries of their own free from forces mass immigration and the encouraged blending out of our ethnic diversity and also oppose globalism. If you want European people to be the majority in European countries then you are pro-White. Just as Asians, Africans, and Arabs are pro their own people and their own nations. Is an Asian, African, jewish, or Arab ever charged with being anti White or “Nazi” for wanting their people to be a majority in their country? NEVER. Despite the fact that they too have each had a history of war and conquest. No one questions their self determination. Each ethnic group and each race should be pro their own people. It would be sick to be anti your own people. Being pro European means you as an ethnically European person understand that you share a unique bond with those whom you are genetically related to. And understand that you have a shared history, culture and ancestry with your folk in order to remain a people and uphold their customs you need your own space and need to remain the majority. It’s been this way since the beginning of time. You can’t have a rapid demographic change and remain the same culture.


Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.