Simple Bible Prophecy For Racists

The Roper Report

(It’s equally true for non-racists, too.) 

by Billy Roper

I’m not a Pastor, a Reverend, or a Preacher. I’m a man of faith, the greatest among sinners, yet forgiven through grace and redeemed. Here is a brief, sincere testimony to my fellow White Christians who are misinformed and misled by their erstwhile shepherds.

Christians need to understand a few basics about Bible prophecy.

  1. When the AntiChrist comes, their team will come preaching globalism, one world government, unity, and racial equality. If that’s what you’re giving either lip-service or activism to now, then you’re already on Team Satan, and have chosen sides for the battle which is to come. Which side does Babylon the Great endorse, “racists”, or universalists? Those who support traditional marriage, or homosexuals? Everybody gets a team. Which one are you on?
  2.  Those who do not endorse racial equality, i.e., take the mark of the Beast, will be…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.