Crossing Jordons: Another Ignorant Billboard Coming To Harrison

The Roper Report

Nate Jordon, an effeminate Harrison, Arkansas immigrant who was formerly an Antifa oriented activist and member of defeated city Mayor Jeff “Carpetbagger” Crockett’s infamous anti-White ‘Task Force On Race Relations’, which organized a Black History Month presentation in the public library that no black people attended but members of the Klan did, is now hiding behind his wife, Chelsea. Chelsea Jordon, that is, not Chelsea Manning, though confusing the two is forgivable given Nate’s participation  in the recent Gay Pride parade there. In his more open Antifa supporting days, Nate spelled his name “Jordan” when he gave media interviews, each and every time, as a perusal of the article below proves. Probably he thought he could stay under the radar, that way. LOL

Poor Nate even deleted this article in his little literary blog. He was vocal in his hatred of Whites when speaking to the media…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.