Ghost Country – Book 3 in the Catalyst Series

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A major release in the bestselling Catalyst series, as America struggles after a global blackout, this is JK Franks, Ghost Country.

Since the Solar superstorm and CME almost two years ago, the Gulf Coast town of Harris Springs, Mississippi has suffered from gang attacks, famine, hurricanes and battled a crusading army of religious zealots. Now, they face their greatest challenge. Outsmarting a tyrannical President while escaping an approaching pandemic.

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Available for pre-order now, the latest book in the Catalyst Series which is due for release on August 14th. This is expected to be the final book in the series and a worthy follow-up to the bestselling American Exodus. Those of you who are part of my Advanced Review street team will be receiving copies in the next 7 days. If you are interested in becoming part of my review team and receiving advanced copies of my upcoming books…

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