Updated Speakers List for ArkLaTex Regional White Unity Conference!

The Roper Report

Arklatex White Unity Conference

September 29, 2018 – Texarkana TX

The ArkLatex White Unity Conference is a White Nationalist gathering for our people from all across Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. This is a private event and there will not be any media allowed. This will be a good time to meet like-minded folk from all across the Four States. We welcome every heterosexual White Nationalist and all Pro-White organizations to come spend a day of Racial Unity in a safe and secure, family-friendly and fun environment. There will be no uncivil organizational rivalry or drama present.

Guest Speakers

Billy Roper – Shieldwall Network
Brother George – Christian Pastor and Survivalist
Pastor Tim – Imperial Wizard of the United White Knights
Pastor Stout – Christian Nationalist Movement
Brother Luke – Texas State Leader of the League of the South

More to be announced.

The event will start on Saturday morning…

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