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ShieldWall Network editorial comment: Antifa always like to tell us that they have us outnumbered. That’s why the good Lord gave us extended capacity magazines. For those of you who understand that this is not Junior High and we’re not talking about a “you hit me first” fisticuffs match, it pays to practice reloading and changing magazines, for when the enemy are generous enough to bring multiple guests to the party. 


Rationalization is a powerful thing. The temptation to convince one’s self that “it’s good enough” or that you’ll “do it later” is right up there with other irresistible forces of nature like gravity and checking your smartphone while waiting in line. 

It’s so tempting to rationalize training shortcuts, especially when the routine in question is pretty darn close to the “right” way to do something. Here’s what I mean. When at the range, whether plinking…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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