How SEALs Train Tactical Fitness

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ShieldWall Network Editorial note: Even if you have a physical labor job, but especially if you do not, many of us may not be ready for this, yet. Tactical fitness can begin with normal every day activity which gets you moving to add flexibility and exercise your muscles and cardiovascular system. For example, bending from an upright position to pull up weeds and grass to feed to the chickens, or picking up limbs on your property, is just as effective as doing a “touch your toes” exercise. Walking, doing outside chores, and being active is exercise, itself, and a great place to start when building up to higher levels of fitness. A hanging punching bag in the front yard and a basketball goal in the back are great inducements to improve your physical health, too! 

Navy SEAL veteran Stew Smith defines tactical fitness and breaks it down into three stages.

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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