Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow discuss “Is Civil War Coming?”

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VDARE.com editor Peter Brimelow sat down with American Renaissance’sJared Taylor to talk about Charlottesville, the continuing persecution of dissidents, and the possibility of something like a Civil War happening:

Is Civil War Coming?

Jared Taylor American Renaissance, August 3, 2018

A conversation with Peter Brimelow

Jared Taylor interviews editor of VDARE.com and author of Alien Nation, Peter Brimelow. They discuss the unprecedented fracturing of American society, which Brimelow thinks will lead to Weimar-like confrontations. He also talks about the the establishment’s panic in the face of open opposition, how the mid-terms are shaping up and what that means, the uselessness of conservatives, what we learned from Charlottesville, and a great deal more.[Comment at Amren.com]

You can listen to the podcast below. Note, from a Civil War point of view, that one of those masked men is holding up a sign that says “IMMOLATE YOUR LOCAL FASCIST.”…

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