Little BigHorn Part 1 – ‘Gun Stories’

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Since this is the weekend when literally dozens of naive, stubborn, or leftist Alt Lite types will follow Jason Kessler into Washington, D.C., I thought it was appropriate to take a look at the guns of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. -Billy Roper

Little BigHorn Part 1 – ‘Gun Stories’

It is the most studied battle in American history. A source of controversy more than 100 years after the last guns fell silent over the Little BigHorn river. And for students of the gun, the last stand of Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer offers some intriguing questions.

Did the guns shape the battle?

The choice by the military of the single-shot Springfield 1873 trap door rifle and carbine over a repeating rifle, reflected the military doctrine of long range accuracy and ammo conservation over rapid fire capability. Of course, neither of those factors made much difference at the…

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