Patriot Conference Topic: The Importance of a Good Mental State in a SHTF Situation

Charley Hogwood is speaking at the Patriot Conference on the importance of a good mental state in a SHTF situation. While there are many facets to living a healthy and safe life in the future, this may be the most important one. However, it is not given much priority or discussion despite its importance. His presentation will include:

  • Myths of public reactions to a disruptive event
  • Reasons for aggressive behaviors in survival
  • Children in disaster
  • Who survives and why
  • The types of behaviors
  • Recognizing psychological distress in people
  • Why realistic training is important to be an effective team member/leader
  • Psychological first aid

Click here for Charley Hogwood’s biography.

This conference will be limited to 90 attendees. As of 8/11/18, one third of the conference is now booked.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.