Remembering Senator James Eastland

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The following is an explanation of why anti-integrationists in the South lost; because they attempted to use Civic Nationalism and ran away from hard racial science and National Socialism. Their concern with optics and their fear of being too radical should serve as an example to us today, as the southeastern region they tried to represent becomes New Afrika. Fortunately, the leading Southern Nationalists of our time have radicalized relatively recently to full blown White Nationalism, and have, after initially refusing to answer the Jewish Question, thankfully done an about face towards naming our primary enemy. They now understand, as previous well-intentioned segregationists did not, that arguments based on Constitutionality or States Rights are just negotiating with your executioner over which arm the lethal injection is going into. 

by Paul Jones

When I was a teenager living in Los Angeles, California in the early Sixties, I used to listen some…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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