The Importance of One-Hand Shooting Training

The Roper Report


It is interesting how handgun training has so many variables. As an example, most modern shooters regard two-hand fire as the default skill, so they practice two-hand fire less. In the past it was one-hand fire, and two-hand fire was used only at extreme range. There is no question that two-hand fire is the most accurate, but one-hand fire is the faster. The balance of speed and accuracy must be maintained. One-hand shooting will be used at short range and when speed is needed but accuracy cannot be sacrificed. Two-hand fire is used at the range at which you need more accuracy.

If you need to make that shot, it will be pretty important and you must have practice behind it. I am not going to cover weak hand shooting with one-hand at present—although it is an important, even vital, skill. Let’s take one step at a…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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