With Boston Globe Leading the Way, U.S. Newspaper Editorials Will Battle Trump Admin’s ‘Assault on the Press’

Western Rifle Shooters Association

More credentialist onanism.

Here’s the thing.

Alex Jones is the press.

The Daily Stormer is the press.

VDARE is the press.

Wikileaks is the press.

WRSA is the press.

[Insert name here of every other publication scorned for its views] is the press.

If speech is created and distributed so as to express ideas to others, it is the press, regardless of the content of those ideas.

Please take today’s masthead (along with the Zimmerman flag) and spread each widely.

Free men and women must understand that the Elites want to first silence their critics in the public space.

Asset-stripping and eventual slaughter of the Deplorables can then follow at the Elites’ leisure.

Never, ever give up your guns.

Teach all moral actors in your circle to shoot proficiently.

Continue to provision and train for war against the Communists in North America.

Resist, no matter what.

And let’s win.

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.