Strzok is fired. President Trump agrees it was the right thing to do “finally.” Brain-dead left goes nuts, calls Trump’s agreement obstruction of justice


Photo, above: The many demonic faces of Peter Strzok, horns and all

Good news, bad news.

The good news is former filthy dirty cop Peter Strzok has been fired.

The bad news is that half of the United States is still brain-dead and somehow swears that because President Trump agrees that FBI Director Christopher Wray did the right thing, that that somehow translates to the president being guilty of obstruction of justice. Seriously, see if you can connect those dots.

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Not only that, but the liberal weenies swear that President Trump is solely responsible for the firing, also obstruction of justice, they insist, notwithstanding the fact that Strzok has been off of the investigation since the damning text messages between he and his hosebag-on-the-side Lisa Page were discovered, and also notwithstanding the fact that President Trump allowed other saddle burrs like Mueller and McCabe to continue operating against him despite the danger they posed to him personally.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.