Silent Sam’s Fall Is a Sign of the Coming Bloodbath

The Roper Report

by Julian Polksalet

When Antifa and Satanists work to censor and deplatform White people, they accelerate the process leading to civil war. They do this by pushing more people off the fence and radicalizing them. When they destroy centuries-old statues to memorialize the dead, they provoke further polarization and create more enemies for themselves. Ultimately, this will lead to all of them who are not fast enough in leaving White ethnostate areas simply being killed, once the civil war begins. In fact, the ONLY thing keeping them alive now, is the protective hand of the Zionist Occupied Government they pretend to hate. Remove that, and it’ll be ‘Saturday night in Sioux City’. Yes, Antifa are only still above ground because it’s currently illegal to kill them. That may not always be the case, or it may not always matter. They may not always enjoy police protection.

The law enforcement who…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.