Montana RTO Course and Other Admin Notes


Just a couple of weeks out until the 8-9 SEP RTO Course. Its going to be a packed class. Students aren’t required to bring anything other than a notebook, pen, and something comfortable. There’s going to be a lot of notes packed into two days of instruction and hands on exercises, so be ready to write. That said, its a great opportunity to gets hands on with equipment you do have, to learn what it does and doesn’t do and how to fit it into a larger tactical plan. As all of you know who’ve trained with me, this is anything but a ‘ham’ radio class- it’s creating infrastructure where there might be none.

All of you who’ve placed deposits have communicated with me. We’re planning a meet n’ greet Friday night, so if you’ve put down that deposit and want to come out for good fellowship before class, send…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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