15 Foods That Last Forever

Source: 15 Foods That Last Forever

When you are on your food storage journey you may want to add these 15 foods to your stash that last forever. There is something about having some foods in your pantry that you never have to worry about going bad. We spend our hard earned money to stock our home with food we can eat in the future, right?

I remember when Mark and I first started our food storage project many years ago. One of the biggest mistakes was storing beans, sugar, and powdered milk in 50-pound barrels. Yes, large green barrels not buckets. We had a large “fruit room” in the basement where it was cool and dry. That was the good part, the bad part was the large barrels. They were too large to maneuver.

We eventually converted to five-gallon buckets with those lids you couldn’t remove unless you had a “tool” to lift them off. Then came Gamma Lids, thank goodness for those airtight and easy to open lids. They were a life changer for me. I color code my entire food and fuel storage with those colored lids.  —  Linda Loosli


Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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