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After posting yesterday’s analysis about using the .22 for self defense, I’ve decided to re-post this article that discusses some of the “how” questions that go with yesterday’s “why” questions. 

I’ve recently received quite a bit of feedback on carrying and using the .22 as a self defense weapon.  I had no idea how many of you rely on the rimfire for a defense round!  There are a lot of people packing .22s out there!

I occasionally carry either my S&W 317 or 351 as self defense weapons in low threat situations…usually while working in the yard or garage.  They are light, handy, and don’t get in the way.  I recognize that they aren’t the most effective calibers for self defense, but I don’t know many criminals who will press the attack after I put eight high velocity .22 bullets in his face in two seconds.  I don’t really feel undergunned.

With that said, I don’t often carry the .22 as my primary defensive piece.  I generally pack something a bit more substantial when I’m out in public (usually a Glock 19).  I recognize that my situation may be a little different than yours and you might be forced (or prefer) to carry something a little smaller.  I’m not the best person to advise you about carrying .22s since I seldom do it myself, but I do want to share some options with my readers….

One of the folks who contacted me after I wrote my stopping power article is a man named Henry.  Henry is 88 years old and lives by himself up on a mountain in rural Tennessee.  Like many of you, Henry has been shooting all his life.  Also like many of you, Henry carries a .22 rimfire for a primary self protection piece.  He calls it his “Old Man’s Gun.”

Henry shoots his .22 revolvers almost every day.  He’s studied gunfighting history for a long time and uses a lot of the WWII- style point shooting techniques advocated by Sykes, Fairbairn, and Applegate. Henry has logically examined all the relevant issues and made a decision that’s best for him.  He doesn’t want any attention and he recognizes what works for him may not work for everyone.  He’s an eloquent writer and wants to share his experiences with my readers.  Here are his thoughts on the subject.  You all should pay attention….


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