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The Kakistocracy

I got a chuckle reading this article today. I found it amusing since I had just had a conversation with an attorney over that precise topic a couple of days earlier. The subject being plea deals for prosecution-friendly testimony such as Rick Gates sold for use against Paul Manafort. Since this is the overt and exclusive tactic in Mueller’s stair-step indictments to cage Trump, I was curious as to its reputation.

So the question I specifically asked in that discussion was: What exactly is the probative value of purchased testimony? I meant that from a purely academic perspective, since most juries could be swayed by a talking turtle and coloring books. So its practical utility was not in question. But if, conceptually, the purpose of a trial is to endeavor toward the truth, what use are prostitute witnesses to that end?

For instance, no court outside the Ninth Circuit would…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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