When Revolution Becomes the Status Quo Western Zeitgeist’s Ennui, Hate Speech, Immigration


When Revolution Becomes the Status Quo

Finally, the precise point at which all of this alienism radiates outward is with a hostile “elite” that is, in no small part, itself alien—the Jewish ethno-religion. Of course the “elite” is not exclusively Jewish, but it has become, by necessity as a survival mechanism, philo-Semitic. In order to understand the illness slowly killing Western civilization it is crucial to trace the symptoms back to the source, to the cause of the illness. To quote Revilo P. Oliver:

As against the rest of the world, the West is a political unity, since, the differences between Germany, Italy, France, Britain, and ourselves are, like the differences between Maine, Virginia, Wyoming, and California, relatively negligible—and necessarily negligible when the survival of the whole is at stake. Furthermore, the culture of the West, like every viable civilization, is a unity in the sense that its parts are organically interdependent. Although architecture, music, literature, the mimetic arts, science, economics, and religion may seem at first glance more or less unrelated, they are all constituent parts of the cultural whole, and the disease of any one will sooner or later affect all the others.

As I have covered extensively in my “The Self-Genocidal Impulse” pieces, the illness is in large part born of a unique evolutionary quirk of the white race which has mutated into a self-destructive pathology. This pathology has been encouraged and exploited by a Jewish minority for its own gain in parasitic fashion, but which is ultimately maladaptive, for it causes the death of the host. By understanding Jewish influence and domination of each constituent part of the cultural whole it becomes clear that, be it the music industry, activism in the form of “social justice” and “feminism,” alcoholopioid-producing pharmaceutical companiespornographythe retail industrythe movie industryfinance, or the media, the negative Jewish influence is poisoning each and every part, not just one, the over-lap and mutual reinforcement of each “facet” of this imposed and alien anti-culture only serving to hasten the illness into its terminal stages.  —  John Q. Publius

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.