Nice Constitutional Government You Got There

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Senior Official To Axios: There Are “Dozens And Dozens Of Us” On The Inside Working Against Trump Like The NYT Op-Ed Writer

To the True Believers:

Fix this.

Using the USC/BoR.

And appurtenances.

It works, right?

Even though it is routinely violated at all levels of government.

Even though the FUSAns are a decadent, ignorant, frothing mass — or at least 100+ million plus are.

Even though private actors (versus state actors subject to the Constitution) are working in concert to tear up the remnants of traditional American freedoms.

Even though the gun folks are armed to the teeth, so gummint workers must be quaking from the deterrent power of all that force-in-waiting.

Even though the bulk of FedGov workers are protected by civil service laws and work in the Constitutionally-unauthorized administrative fourth branch of the three-branch government we were taught in school.

Even though former Federal government “public servant”…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.