After Action Report: The Stand For Decency in Johnson City

The Roper Report

Pictured: David Hayes in his favorite position. 

The joint League of the South/ShieldWall Network rally for decency and traditional morality stood in stark contrast to the flouncing faggots in the Gay Pride parade in Johnson City, Tennessee, today. Law enforcement had established separate designated areas for the pro-morality ralliers, as well as the Antifa who came out, no pun intended, to support butt pirates and curly flossers. LS and SWN livestreamed their perspective of the parade through independent local media. Their signs, clear for everyone to see, proclaimed homosexuality to be an abomination, and cited Bible verses condemning the rump ranger lifestyle.

Following the parade’s end, Antifa and BLM were chased from the area by the LS/SWN group after some words were exchanged and police intervened to defend the leftists. Despite the barricades and barriers, the Commies and Coons were lucky to have team blue on their side so they…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.