ShieldWall Network Expansion Update

The Roper Report

In addition to our meetings later this month in the Midwest (KS,IA,NE) and the ArkLaTex where ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper will be speaking, the SWN will soon be opening new chapters in both Ohio and Indiana. There are ready-made cadres of founding members in those states already assembled and ready to be formalized. If you live in either region and would like to be put in touch with White Nationalist preppers near you, let us know.

Today at noon est watch the livestream of the League of the South and the ShieldWall Network Phalanx public defense of traditional values against the Gay Pride parade in Johnson City, Tennessee HERE:

People seem to have really enjoyed the interview last night on the Hobbscast radio show. You can listen to it here:

Join Billy, Rose, and Milissa at 6:30 pm cst tomorrow (Sunday) for a live discussion of survivalism…

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