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A few things:

1) Blogroll will be updated with some adds and deletes.

2) I stopped looking at email at the top of the summer. Too many inputs, too little me. Best way to contact is through the “About” section at top of page. What time I can spare is devoted to keeping this place on track.

3) That being said, Hushmail has gone to a pay basis (or a 25MB cap). Thoughts on a better provider would be appreciated.

4) Really and truly, get on It’s essential; here is a good thread with a lot of key resources – RTWT: In other words, please re-read this post and execute accordingly:

5) Feedback sought on the following bad idea:

Badthink Rendezvous 2019: Meatspace A Go Go. June Summer, preferably not murderously hot. Someplace in the middle of the country with camping and/or other lodging support. Air…

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