A Bunch of Baofengs

Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

IMG_0714No I did not purchase a case of them. I figured I’d go over the differences and similarities between some of their different models. These things can do quite a bit, more than someone who is used to channelized HT’s might be aware of. I recently read a similar overview to this one and they kept referring to these dual band HT’s as GMRS radios. They may be capable of transmissions on GMRS frequencies, but they are NOT GMRS radios. It may skirt legality to use them as such, and GMRS requires a license. Do I care? Not really, I digress. The original Baofeng is the loved and loathed UV5R. For all intents and purposes every other radio discussed here is based on this radio. It is a very inexpensive ~$25 dual band HT radio capable of Tx and Rx in the 2M and 70cm bands. It has a max…

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