The Corollary of the Golden Rule

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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So then likewise: as you do unto others, so would you have them do unto you.

Social Justice Warriors always project (hat tip: Vox Day). They insist that we foment violence and hatred, e.g., when it is of course they who mostly do so. They accuse us of being antiscientific, when of course they are the ones who reject the plain data and revolutionary discoveries of climatology and of genetics, which radically undermine their most precious most romantic notions of how humans really are and how life might be, if only it were not for our deplorable sort. They accuse us of being intolerant and close-minded, when of course they are the ones who are most intolerant and close-minded. They accuse us of irrational barbarity, when of course they are the ones who rage and foam inarticulately –…

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Student Review: Advanced RTO Course


This review comes from Holy Serf, a well-seasoned former Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. Where the RTO Course leaves off, the Advanced RTO picks up. The basic course covers tactical communications, addressing the concerns of a group in a retreat setting or small unit on a patrol. Advanced RTO builds on those skills while covering clandestine communications, taking even bargain-bin equipment and creating a hardened communications plan.

Advanced RTO Class Review
  This weekend’s class was the second in the series of NC Scout’s RTO Class. From the basic class I attended, I knew it would be a useful course of essential skills for the Patriot. The Advanced RTO Class began with encrypted communication using a Brevity Matrix and One Time Pads. We practiced several times to ensure everyone got it. He will not move on to another topic until he knows everyone has a grasp of…

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