Student Review: Advanced RTO Course


This review comes from Holy Serf, a well-seasoned former Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. Where the RTO Course leaves off, the Advanced RTO picks up. The basic course covers tactical communications, addressing the concerns of a group in a retreat setting or small unit on a patrol. Advanced RTO builds on those skills while covering clandestine communications, taking even bargain-bin equipment and creating a hardened communications plan.

Advanced RTO Class Review
  This weekend’s class was the second in the series of NC Scout’s RTO Class. From the basic class I attended, I knew it would be a useful course of essential skills for the Patriot. The Advanced RTO Class began with encrypted communication using a Brevity Matrix and One Time Pads. We practiced several times to ensure everyone got it. He will not move on to another topic until he knows everyone has a grasp of…

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