Derbyshire: On Nationalism

Western Rifle Shooters Association

A useful explainer.

What very few FUSAns understand:

Going into the mid-20th century, socialism became the Earth’s dominant political organizing principle. Where Communism, the murderously mature form of socialism, remained in its fetal form, people appreciated the “social safety net” and supported it. If WWI resulted in the death of the European monarchies, WWII is best understood as a gang-fight between distinguishable yet kin-related socialists: the Fascist, NSDAP, and Japanese gangs on one side, and the British, US, and Soviet gangs on the other side. In 1945, FDR’s socialist gang and that of Stalin stood astride the globe.

Now, seventy plus years later, the EU, UK, and FUSA strive to join their socialist brethren in the PRC and India in the goals of central economic planning (and, when possible, total population control) and regional hegemony. Not coincidentally, civilian disarmament and heritage population replacement are other shared goals.

In FUSA, the…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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