Auxiliary Functions within the Tribal Structure


Originally posted 17APR15

(One of the topics I still get a lot of reader queries about is the doctrinal Auxiliary. These range from people who are “too old” or have “too many old injuries,” to be a door-kicking, badass gunslinger, to those that just don’t see themselves in that role, regardless of why.)

Doctrinally speaking, in Maoist-influenced UW, the auxiliary includes—or may include—all those individuals who are not full-time, active participants in the paramilitary guerrilla force or the underground, but who are sympathetic to the resistance and actively support its efforts. Traditionally, the activities of the auxiliary have been directed and controlled by the area command authority.

The coordination that arises from this allows the assistance from the auxiliary to be leveraged in the most efficient way, offering maximum benefit from limited personnel and material assets. Otherwise, the auxiliary would see its efforts wasted as some assets were overused by…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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