VDARE: What Trump Must Say Tonight In His Oval Office Address – Democrats Want To Replace YOU

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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We’ll see.

Tonight’s speech and the execution thereof will decide not only the 2020 Presidential election, but also the fate of America.

No fooling.

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Given that the smart money is betting on a Trump fail, heed well these words from a commenter on the scene currently presented to freedom folks:

How much more time do you need to get ready?

This fight isn’t going anywhere. It’s coming whether we want it or not.

Play another election cycle or 3, any idea how many billions they’ll waste running for office and filling their pockets, even if they lose like Bernie? They’re rich, and you’re still hoping for change.

And every election they get more commies in office, because they’re better at cheating than your side is. With the amount of money you make, you should have 100 cases of ammo already.

So how much…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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