From A Reader: Spot-On Observations


One of the best things about running this blog, without a doubt, has been the interaction I’ve had with so many good folks. Communications are that area that makes or breaks a unit at the tactical level and unfortunately, those same tactical communications have been the most misunderstood or neglected area of knowledge in the arsenal of most. Many seem to think either it’s a one and done kinda thing or the skills are supposed to just come to you when they dig that case of Baofengs up during the inevitable crisis. It won’t. And the Ham crowd is definitely not above problems either- there’s a world of difference between tactical communications and what’s done in amateur radio- although it’s the only viable way to practice the necessary skills. Then again that’s why my RTO Course has been the incredible success it is, thus far. This letter from a reader…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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