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Multi-Purpose Tool:  Cold Steel ‘Special Forces’ Shovel


MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL: COLD STEEL ‘SPECIAL FORCES’ SHOVEL Posted by DTG | Jan 20, 2019 | DTG | 12 | As readers have seen by regular perusal of DTG posts, we’re ALL about multi-purpose tools, and there’s a good reason:  If you can use one solid tool for multiple uses, it means there’s one or more things you don’t have to have in your ruck.  Makes sense, right?  And that, along with quality and reliability is what guides our choices on gear.  Today’s post is on, what we believe, is just about the best balance between purposes for a general purpose digging tool:  The Cold Steel ‘Special Forces’ Shovel.                   Stock Photo of the Cold Steel ‘Special Forces’ Shovel When this tool originally hit the market, Cold Steel called it the, ‘Spetsnaz’ shovel.  There was no sheath offered originally, either.  They’ve since renamed it the ‘Special Forces’ shovel.  Point of order:  ‘Spetsnaz’ is the Russian term commonly used for ‘Special Forces’.  Must be some sort of marketing thing…whatever.  The shovel itself was modeled after a soviet issue entrenching tool that could be used as a weapon (as all E-tools can be), but it had a niche in that it was very strong, fairly light, and could be used as a stand-in chopper as well as a primary digging tool.

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