Buppert: The Quality Of Refusal

Man O’ Man. Patriots need to read this “tome”
This part is from it.

And there is a reason that PoliceOne shut down non-member access to their comments section years ago so that the mundanes wouldn’t see how the cops view the very people they punish and suppress.

So what to do in what appears to be an interregnum of non-stop violations and legislative fiat against private weapons ownership:

First rule of gun club: don’t talk about gun club
Buy weapons (off paper if possible)
Buy ammo (a minimum of 10k rounds per caliber)
Train like your life depends on it (because it does) and get to the range where you can move and shoot (Fudds will fill their pants)
Drop all your memberships in the NRA, GOA and the other unicorn-hunting clubs; spend your money on resources and training
Dry fire like a m***********.
Get proper holsters and wear your weapons all the time (even at home)
Get proper slings you train with; the sling is the ring of rifle power
Master weapons optics
Scatter the locations of all your weapons holdings
Read Unintended Consequences by John Ross (I have and can tell you where you can find it.)
Read the history of irregular warfare, take notes and improvise
Keep your mouth shut
Last rule of gun club: don’t talk about gun club
The list goes on…

The next conflict will not be fought in five thousand dollars worth of the latest tacti-cool kit from Gucci manufacturers like Dead Bird and Crye; it will be “suit and tie”, bone up on Michael Collins wear.

Read about the exploits of the “yellow vests” in France and the ongoing destruction of speeding cameras throughout France and the implications for surveillance modalities in the US.

Why are the usual suspects now targeting rifles?

I haven’t even touched on all the logical inconsistencies of going after rifles which are a fraction of handgun and bludgeoning deaths annually in America. I’d be pleased to see a detailed breakdown of how many AR rifles, let alone semi-automatic rifles, have been used in killing whether accidental (hunting) or malicious.

But then again.

Why bother, you cannot reason the unreasonable out of positions they employed no logic to get to in the first place. I’ve done the research but now I am much better investing my limited time in ensuring my weapons capability is increased in proficiency and my equipment is optimized.

They are going after cosmetically offensive weapons for one reason they dare not voice: if you wish to turn your country into a aspirational communist abbatoir based on envy, economic illiteracy, secular messianism and a Marxian death cult, you must disarm all the potential corpses to make your dreams come true.

The hard-core adherents have simply leveraged narratives that mask the true intention.

Make it hard. No one is coming to save you. No one.


Rinse and repeat.

“We are, each of us, alone. And this is the first law of masculinity. And it is the most important law. Your value is equal to the value which you bring to the tribe. We are not equal. You are not special. Respect is earned, not given. Your brothers will not love you unconditionally for who you are, just being yourself. They will criticise you, push you to your limits, bring out the best in you, and give you their respect when earned. And this isn’t shocking at all. This is common knowledge to any man. Your childhood is over. The boy is dead. It’s time to be a man for the rest of your life.”

― Jack Donovan

Western Rifle Shooters Association

No way out but through.

Better do what you must to win.

The Bad People will.

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.