#DroneStrikeRendezvousWest2019 Update – Head Count Needed

Western Rifle Shooters Association

So we can start resourcing places and provisions, need your best guess for the number of heads you will be bringing to the shindig.

No PERSEC stuff; just “3 folks to all 3 events” or whatever your number is.

Wyoming law is strict on minors being present in licensed bars, so the Friday night “cocktail party” will likely wind up somewhere more friendly to young folks in your train. They are, of course, welcome.

Hope to see everyone there. More info as things start to simmer.

Concept refresher:

Cody, Wyoming
Weekend after Independence Day 2019
July 12-14, 2019






Concept: A rendezvous in meatspace, with three scheduled events, in a attraction-rich, beautiful part of the state with sufficient lodging and dining options of all types, allowing attendees plentiful choices before and after the planned events.


Friday, 7/12
Location TBD/local restaurant
Room will be booked…

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