What Happens If the Conservative Websites Are Restricted or Taken Down?

I remember a picture several years ago of Ann Barnhardt guarding her physical possessions with an AR-15. The point was that if you cannot physically guard your possessions, you do not really own them. This impacts every aspect of our lives and that impacts our future. Do you really own the money in your bank account? Is its value under your control or the Federal Reserve? What happens to its value with the next round of quantitative easing?

Let’s take the another issue and assume that you have an AR-15. Do you know how to clean it? Do you know how to zero it? Do you know how to use your optics at different distances? If you do not know how to maintain, use or feed your battle rifle, you cannot trust your family’s lives with its performance.

We all know that Google, Facebook and Twitter are not only biased against us, they are actively censoring us. I believe that hosting services are also biased against websites fighting for freedom. So the question is: what happens if the conservative websites are restricted or taken down?

As I found out with NCRenegade, if you cannot back up and migrate your website, you do not control it. The process of migrating a website is not simple but it also is not complicated. I believe that the migration of this site from GoDaddy to Epik was a wake up call for everyone. I believe that God had a hand in this these events. If true, you need to take action now to protect your site and its content. Which also means that time is running out.

David DeGerolamo

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.