An actual hate crime just happened, but the national news media is silent about it


Here's a bunch of violent fascist thugs Fascist socialist Democrat thugs prefer violence to civil debate

An actual hate crime just occurred, but you won’t have heard about it. The victim of this hate crime is a straight white male Republican. The gunman is an angry hate-filled Democrat. This crime won’t be reported as national news, because the people on the secular left – journalists, celebrities, socialists – agree with the gunman. So it’s like the crime never happened.

Here’s the story from ABC local news in Kentucky:

 A Tennessee man is in jail after being accused of pulling a gun on a Sam’s Club customer Saturday.

According to the police report, officers were called to Sam’s Club due to a person with a gun.

According to the alleged victim Terry Pierce, a man pulled a gun on him because he was wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

“I have as much right…

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Free Speech In Andrew McCabe’s America

Western Rifle Shooters Association

The workings of FUSA’s secret police and its treasonous allies.

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Read each article, please.

Welcome to Soviet America.

Where you and your families are at best kulaks marked for plunder, imprisonment, and death.

At worst?

You are Nazi beasts, each to be ground into tatters under the treads of the People’s Democratic Unity Government.

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