Masked Marxists March on Stone Mountain Village Without a Permit

Today,  200-300 heavily armed, and in some cases, masked Communists and AntiFa paraded in Stone Mountain. To make a long story short, they broke Georgia’s mask law which states “A person is guilty of a misdemeanor when he wears a mask, hood, or device by which any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer and is upon any public way or public property or upon the private property of another without the written permission of the owner or occupier of the property to do so.”(Georgia Code Title 16. Crimes and Offenses § 16-11-38). Unlike the counter-protest in Newnan, GA last year where several AntiFa members got thrown in cuffs by a Georgia SWAT team for refusing to remove their masks at a National Socialist Movement rally, Stone Mountain Police refused to enforce the law.
Here are some screenshots from Ford Fischer’s coverage at today’s Bolshevik Parade. Here is the full coverage from

Wow.  Can I smell a bit of hypocrisy here?  Let me ask you readers this. What if this was our people out there marching around with guns and masks? Do you think the police would have been just as accommodating? I remember Lt. Studdard from the Stone Mountain Police not wanting to cooperate with me and told me to have my attorney contact theirs.  I suppose it’s perfectly acceptable to have a communist Left Wing Death Squad parade the streets without a permit, yet, when we want to do things lawfully, we get rejected. What if we wanted to march with Nazi and Confederate flags? AntiFa was allowed to burn a giant KKK effigy in the street, but what if the KKK wanted to burn a cross in the street?  Do you think they would have been that accommodating?

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the issue of these Marxist scum having loaded firearms for a so called “peaceful” event, the fact they were allowed to burn things in the middle of the street without a permit, and not to mention the autistic screeching. No. I want to talk about Chief Chancey Troutman or should I say Comrade Troutman. Ford Fischer uploaded a video to his Twitter account covering Chief Troutman addressing the crowd of AntiFa. At the 1:50 mark, he offers them a ride along through the CLOSED park to “look for Klansmen” who weren’t even there.  It is clear that these people wanted a physical confrontation. Not only did they have guns, but they had a bail fund set up prior. It’s evident they wanted violence had we been there. Yet, when we arm our people for our protection at rallies, the media cries “Right Wing Death Squad”  and that we are “threatening” and the leftists were just being “peaceful”.
Here is the link to this unethical behavior:
Are you kidding me? You, Chief Chancey Troutman, offered these anarchists and Communists a “ride along” to look for “Klansmen” in a closed park? So… what would have happened if you found them?  Better yet, what if they took you up on it?  What if you and your newfound “friends” found some regular Joe wearing a confederate flag hat or a “MAGA” hat who was there to camp with his family, who already had arrangements and access to the park, and wasn’t taking part of any rally? Would you allow the violent confrontation that AntiFa is known for?
Why don’t you explain yourself to the Eugene, OR Police Department who had fully active explosive devices placed at their police station by the same people you wanted to give a “ride along” to? You do know it was  in retaliation to them shooting a member of an AntiFa militia at a middle school. The same kind of militia they had at your city today.  By the way, the guy in Oregon pulled a gun on them and fired two shots at the officers. Why don’t you explain yourself to the Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Florida? Those guys  have to watch their six every day since AntiFa spray painted a message calling for the killing of cops on a fence with the Communist hammer and sickle. Tell us, Comrade:  Are you an advocate for AntiFa’s violent behavior? It sure looks like you are.
You are a disgusting disgrace to the Law Enforcement Community. I may be that “Nazi” everyone either loves or hates, but, you are a traitor to those who serve under you and report to you every day. You turned your backs on them to offer a “ride along” to the very people who want YOU and those who wear the same uniform DEAD. We wanted a peaceful and lawful event. We tried to cooperate and coordinate with your department.  You  chose to favor the anarchists who didn’t even have a permit.  Then, you decided to add the cherry on the sundae by offering them a “ride along” as if they are your buddies to confront that would have been pro Confederate people. People trying to peacefully organize and exercise their Freedom of Speech.  We knew something like this was going to happen. Come to think of it. I find it rather odd there were no arrests today. Everyone with AntiFa was on their best behavior, weren’t they? We expected them to at least hurl rocks at your officers like they did in 2016. I’m really starting to wonder which side you are on, Sir. You sure seemed friendly with armed anarchists and Communists today.
We want an answer, Chief !  Should we just call you Commissar?  The people who pay your salary deserve an answer. Readers, this right here is why we are rescheduling our event and on possibly private property. I said we caught wind of  a set up, and a set up it would have been.
I do not condone threats or acts of violence, but here is some contact information that I highly encourage everyone to utilize until we get answers:
Police Department
Chief of Police: Chancey H. Troutman
Mayor Patricia Wheeler
City Manager
ChaQuias Miller-Thornton
770-498-8984 ext 120
Hail Victory!
Michael Weaver

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.