Neo-Victorianism Or Gynarcho-Tyranny?

Chateau Heartiste

The Tampon Mob is coming after men. Kavanaugh was the first fusillade in the war against White men.

When campus activists argue against the Trump administration’s due-process guidelines, they are arguing for the power of campus administrators to punish (mainly) young men for alleged acts on or off campus without cross-examination, without seeing available evidence, without a live hearing, and under definitions of the alleged offenses far broader than those that apply under relevant law.

Some people call this neo-Victorianism. I call it Gynarcho-Tyranny. The difference? Gynarcho-Tyranny absolves women of any accountability while punishing men for invisible infractions that offend the accusatory whims of women.

Victorianism placed a lot of social restrictions on women AND men. Gynarcho-Tyranny places those restrictions on men but allows women the freedom to explore their feral sexuality without shame or censure. This is lop-sided treatment that is bound to further corrode relations between…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.