FAQ – 2/9/2019

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  • Is the economy terrible or is there anything good about it?

If there ever was a dichotomy, the economy is it…or is it? Some parts of the economy are doing very well, and continue to improve (i.e. job growth, stock market in Jan/Feb 2019, labor participation rate, etc.). There are some parts of the economy that are really not so good (i.e. HUGE federal deficits and MASSIVE out of control national debt, increasing interest rates, growing gap between rich and poor, home affordability, etc.).

So, it is easy to make a case either way…the economy is GREAT…the economy is TERRIBLE. However, in this case…both are true. Yup, it isn’t actually a dichotomy it is a false dilemma. Both views of the economy are correct…not opinion, fact. Bottom line…how you view the state of the overall economy is based on opinion; your view is based on your bias.

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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