Aimpoint Micro T-1 Red Dot Optic

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Aimpoint MicroT1 opticIt just doesn’t get much better than this optic!  The Aimpoint Micro T-1 is an extremely good option for your close quarters battle (QCB) rifle/carbine. You can pick up a target quickly with the large field of view and shoot with both eyes open. This optic is amazing to use in the field.

So let me backtrack now to the “mission” I had defined for anAR-15 optic.

Mission –

Provide clear sight picture for CQB carbine in any light conditions in a lightweight and rugged short to medium range optic.

Requirements & Restrictions:
  • Must be lightweight.
  • Must be military grade.
  • Must be NV compatible.
  • Must be no larger than 2 – 4 MOA dot size.
  • If it uses a battery, battery must be good for at least 1+ years minimum.
  • Fully adjustable dot brightness for use in low-light or bright desert daytime.

I did my research and came up with…

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