Meta-Cognition in Survival Preparedness


We’ve been particularly busy the last week, around the farm, and in life in general. I didn’t really get much writing done. So, this week, in addition to the From the Library, I’ve reposted a few older articles that I suspect some newer readers may have missed, and that some older readers may get some benefit from reading again. I know I got some benefit from reading them again.–JM

(Originally Posted 17APR15)

(Before we even start, I know some dumb motherfucker is going to pipe in here, that he has a PhD in Educational Psychology, and I’ve not adequately described metacognition, or I’ve left out critical elements. Before that happens, I’m going to take the opportunity to point out, this article isn’t written for people with expertise in metacognition, and a legitimate expert in the subject would get that. So, if your only comments are, “John oversimplified it,” go kick…

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