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I haven’t read as much this week as I normally do. One, I’ve been particularly busy with spring cleaning type stuff, cleaning out animal pens and tool sheds, etc. Two, the first book on the list is a particularly long work, with small print, and lots of end notes for me to cross reference. In the future, even if I’ve only read one or two books in a week, instead of my normal 5-6, I will include extras, out of my personal library, that I recommend, even if I haven’t read them in the last week or so.

Baden-Powell by Tim Jeal; This is a lengthy, thorough biography of the founder of the Boy Scout Movement. It covers a number of controversial areas in the General’s life, and uses primary source material to rectify some of the errors that other modern historians and biographers have made, in the interest of…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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