Baofeng Alternatives and the Ban

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I don’t have any experience with any of these, for the most part. I have a TYT TH-9000 mobile in 1.25m and it has been a fine radio. We have a local group that chats on 223.5. I also have a Kenwood TM281a, and it is by far my finest radio. The Japanese radio quality is head and shoulders above the Chinese. Now this article is focused primarily on Handheld Transcievers aka Handy Talkies aka HTs.  TYT, Wouxun and Quansheng are the Cheap Chinese alternatives. They are all better quality than the Baofeng, and are mostly commensurately more expensive. How many of these will survive the so called Baofeng ban? I’m not sure having no personal experience, only going off of specs on eBay ads. Some of them undoubtedly may be affected. The TYT, QYT and Baofeng mobiles may be affected as well. You can probably expect to spend over…

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