Baofeng Shootout

Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

IMG_0757Roundup time. So here we have the original UV-5R, the 2nd generation UV-82 and the GT-5TP, one of the 8w high power models. I’ll throw in the BF888S UHF only channelized HT as well. So the UV-82 is the latest and final addition to the Baofeng collection. It’s a regular 5W model, but this one seems to be one of the newer models with the 2 PTT buttons instead of the rocker switch. It has an identical UV antenna to the GT-5. There’s really not much difference in performance from the other Baofengs. The FM broadcast Rx is the same as the UV5R, the GT-5 seems to Rx a little clearer. I’ve decided with our continued use that the BF888S, while a decent little radio – especially for cheap, just really isn’t as good as the dual band Baofengs. All of the dual band radios outperform the BF888S on UHF…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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