Quansheng UV-R50 vs. Baofeng

Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

So what I’ve got here today is another dual band handy talkie HT, the Quansheng UV-R50. You’ve doubtless heard of the ubiquitous Baofeng dual band HT’s and if you’re familiar at all with them you’ll feel right comfortable with the R50. At first glance you might be thinking that this IS a Baofeng, it looks remarkably similar to a UV5R. Turning it on, hearing the voice and looking at the display only reinforce this, they are exactly the same. The Quansheng really is however a different radio. The keypad layout is different, and more logical. The body of the radio is a little wider, by about 1/4 in. To me, this radio seems a little higher quality than the Baofengs. The charger feels very light, just like brand B, but the R50 seems to snap into place better than any B charger I’ve used. The charger doesn’t interchange with any…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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