Approaching The Cliff

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Read both the Gab post and the related Vdare article.

The America into which you were born is already dead.

The transition state – lovingly tagged here at WRSA as “FUSA” [former USA] – is approaching its end as well.

The United Democratic States of America (“UDSA”) is beginning to coalesce in the ascendancy of AOC and her fellow Commies.

Their base?

The next two generations who are drooling in anticipation of the Red lifestyle.

You already are a hated minority, trad white American man.

Don’t forget – many, if not most, of the surviving women of your generation (along with their kitties) want you disarmed and silenced, at a minimum.

Lose your illusions, gentlemen.

Embrace the outlaw mindset.

And belay that idiotic ‘rule of law’/’that’s not who we are’ hallucinatory crapola.

The normies are embarassing themselves.

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.