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Combat Rifle Marksmanship Exercises by Andy Stanford. I only mention this one, because I mentioned it in my other article today. This is a great little booklet, if you’re having trouble coming up with good rifle training drills (I don’t know why that would be the case…maybe your Internet is down? Maybe you lost your copy of The Reluctant Partisan, Volume One?)

While some of the standards are obsolete, because of advances in the techniques of gun handling and practical applied technology (like more prevalent use of red dots and LVPO), this is a solid little booklet that probably belongs on any serious trainer’s shelf.

Going Galt: Survival Gardening: Sustainable High Yield Gardening by Daxton Brown

I’m not entirely sure this dude doesn’t understand the basic dictionary definition of “sustainable,” or if he simply believes, like a good little Randian, that technology and entrepreneurial spirit will fix every ill in…

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